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     At some law firms, the interests of the clients can appear secondary to the interests of the firm in making money, and smaller clients can sometimes be neglected in favor of larger ones. Attorneys often handle too many cases and work too many hours in pursuit of the brass ring of financial success. Attorneys too busy to prepare properly can be unfamiliar with the facts of cases, and pleadings may contain errors. Prominent attorneys are sometimes briefed by junior associates on the way to the courthouse or agency to represent clients in make-or-break hearings. Firm billings give the impression that everyone in the firm worked on the matter. Your critical matter is shunted from the attorney you thought you had hired to a junior associate who needs more hours to be profitable. You can't easily contact your attorney, and your telephone calls often go unanswered.

     I understand that your matter is important to you, or you would not pay me to handle it. When you hire me, I am the attorney who will be representing you. I carefully review all documents and interview all significant witnesses myself. I draft each pleading and piece of correspondence to obtain the maximum persuasive effect. I strive to find solutions that will not require litigation or other expensive proceedings. I keep my clients informed and respond to their inquiries promptly. I answer my own telephone whenever I am available, and take advantage of technology to make myself available as much as possible throughout the work day. I limit the number of cases I handle in order to allow sufficient time for each one, and I don't nickel and dime you with the hundreds of small charges for copies, long distance, faxes or the numerous other expenses that law firms love to bill. Every client is important to me, regardless of the size of their case.

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