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Do you really need me?

     First, do you need help with an environmental matter? While I sometimes provide counsel in other areas of law, most notably contracts, my main expertise is in environmental law. I can certainly provide other types of representation, just as an attorney who is not an environmental specialist can capably represent you in an environmental matter, but it takes time to become familiar enough with new areas of law to give you sound advice. Since time is money, the specialist is often more cost-effective, although he or she usually has a higher hourly rate.

     Second, is your matter of sufficient complexity or seriousness to warrant the expense of an attorney? Some matters, such as simple amendments of Notices of Registration or submission of Storm Water Notices of Intent may be more cost-effectively handled by a competent environmental consultant. Some other matters, such as threatened enforcement actions by governmental agencies or litigation threatened by third parties, should always involve environmental counsel, even if only to monitor the situation. I pride myself on close and comprehensive factual and legal analysis of each matter and finding creative solutions, but such an approach is not inexpensive and might not be warranted for more mundane tasks.

     Third, what are your expectations regarding payment of my fees? While I occasionally am able to take the right kind of case on a contingency basis, I usually work on an hourly basis and expect full monthly payment of my fees and expenses. Hourly attorney's fees can be expensive, and you may wish to look for another attorney to handle your matter on a contingency basis if you think you would be unable to pay as fees are incurred.

     Having said this, you should still feel free to call me to discuss your matter, as I will be glad to do so at no cost and give you any ideas I may have on how you might proceed. This would be the case even if you did not wish to have me represent you myself. Also, don't assume from the above discussion that I do not want to represent you. I simply prefer that you make an informed decision when hiring me.

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